KSJ Co. (Private Joint Stock Company) started its activity in 2001. With more than two decades of extensive activity in the automotive industry, this company has been one of the leading companies in the field of design and production of Hybrid, Electric Vehicles and Motorcycles.


Classic Design Vehicle

(this car was designed for taxi in historical places)


4 cylinder 1600 cc


5 speed – manual

Max Speed:

180 km/h

Red One

Sport Concept Car


V8 -4800 cc



Max Speed:

240 km/h


Urban Two-Seater Electric Vehicle

The mass production of this car can be a great help in removing pollution and traffic in Iran’s big cities

Max Speed:

100 km/h

Motor Power:

20 kw

Battery Capacity:

lithium 96v 105 ah

Professor Siamak Hojjat, the founder of this Company, has been working as the CEO of this company since 2002 with more than 30 years of international experience in the automotive industry.

The activity of this company has been Manufacturing concepts (design, calculation and Manufacturing) of Petrol, Electric and Hybrid vehicles, each of which has been admired at national and international level. It is also moving in line with global markets in order to update design and production technology.

The company's mission

is transforming the generation of fossil cars to clean cars in line with respect for the environment and land conservation for future generations.

The company's goals

is designing and producing Concept of Electric Vehicles for mass production for the public transport fleet; and personal vehicles with commitment to quality, continuous innovation with high industrial and environmental standards and upgrading the scientific and educational level in the automotive industry.